Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Limited Model HG Evangelion EVA-00 Prototype Blue

First functional Evangelion unit created, serving as EVA-00 Prototype Blue, operated by Ayanami Rei which appeared later in the T.V anime 1996 after an up-grade on the yellow prototype with extra shoulder pylons and new torso armor. One of Bandai's Neon Genesis Evangelion kits, released around the same time the show was airing in Japan, EVA Unit 00 receives a nicely poseable and well-detailed rendition as 'Limit Model High Grade', LMHG model kit in short, stands about 25cm tall when completed. The kit requires plenty of touch-up so I bought myself a built and painted fully preowned kit. Remarkable job by the previous owner, kudos to you! Humanoid looking with elbow joints enclosed in flexible rubber. A rubber like sleeve encapsulates the joints in the forearms producing the iconic powered suit appearance of the Eva units. EVA 00 is best looking EVA (it has a monoeye and even the chin things the Gundams have, so if Char piloted an EVA he would pilot a red version of Unit 00... 

Iconic and an insane amount of accessories from removable entry plug, umbilical chord, Lance of Longinus, progressive knife, pallet rifle, sonic glaive. My favourite weapons of choice definitely are the Lance of Longinus and the huge shield, used in Operation Yashima (very satisfyingly detailed). The entry hatch do open exposing the removable pilot's entry plug. All of the accessories are molded in either black or grey and needed paint to look more anime accurate, though the detail on the equipment in general is impressive. Likely downsides are the bending of the elbow (restricted by rubber) and balancing the slender kit. The head can turn 360 but does look down/up though the neck does have a very organic feel to its movement due to the collar and torso which bend with a hunch.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Senshi Sangokuden BB 戦士 三国伝 Nanban Horseman 南蛮騎士団 & Butaihei Soldier 部隊兵

Butaihei Soldiers with their Squad Leader 

Some old Senshi Sangokuden BB Gundam kits from my collection focused on RGM units. Just like other Gundam anime series, these dispensable army of Brave Battle Warriors, served their lords loyally, always on the front-line like self sacrificial boxing bag. The kits were good props for other main characters and having more would help to build up your army of troops with and allows you to command three kingdoms.

Each Butaihei Soldier, mainly molded in blue, amber, and red from each of the three kingdoms (Giga, Gou, and Shou) in the "BB Senshi Sangokuden" series. The red ones belongs to Cao Cao's (Giga), the amber ones to the Sun Quan's (Gou), and the blue ones are from Ryubi's (Shou). 

Ultra simple to construct the three ball-jointed kits of soldiers with each soldier enabling to equipped  either lance-axe, shield and flag spear representing a trooper including a paper flag for the respective kingdom. There were several down sides, one particularly was that each kit came only one colour and required lots of painting. I didn't spray the primary colour, instead I just added other colours such as the white, black, silver and gold. Good thing the kit provided chrome green visor sticker. 

Next subject would be the Nanban Horseman, more affiliated to Heng Huo (Asurao Mokaku Gundam), the rebelling tribe against Ryubi's (Shou) in the southern plains. Nanban Horseman kit is a slight more premium set that comes with his personal brown war steed. I would expect it to be a mounted soldier like calvary. The horse kit was entirely light brown so I painted the red fur on the head and green parts to better resemble the anime.

Instead of the visor sticker for normal horse in Senshi Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors, Nanban Horse's has mono eye sticker. Nanban Horse also allowed the shield to be mounted on it. Just like the Butaihei Soldier, Nanban Horseman also equipped basic weapons like lance-axe, shield and troop flag.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Flea Market Striving @ Fook Hai Building

With Sungei Rd "Theft Market" and China Square Central CSC flea market ending their legacy, Fook Hai Building has once again found life as a Sunday flea market. While some might feedback that the air within the building is a bit stale, there is no brake to flea market. Katsuden had visited flea market Fook Hai Building and here is post as requested. IMHO, I would say there are more vintage / antique stuffs here than toys which better calling out to all vintage Singapore collectors and enthusiast. 

One promising heritage scene one step further as a vintage community. Some of the stuffs you can find would likely be enamel signages, vintage phones, coins , clocks and nostalgic stuffs residents once used in their daily life in the past. The new or tending toys are mainly situated at level 3. It's pretty refreshing have some surprising loot from my visit, having bought some soft vinyl Ultra Heroes figurines.

I'm ending this post to inform that Havelock II is also making very good progress with more toy stores moving over and likely to be the next Clarke Quay / CSC flea market... Will do a post soon on Havelock II when I gather more pics...


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